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How to Remove an Asset with No Issuer?

I have an asset in my Stellar wallet, LTZ, which has had the issuing account deleted. I cannot send this asset out of my account, nor can I trade it, and likewise I cannot remove the trustline until ...

assets token trustline  
asked by user2871 Score of 1
answered by Orbit Lens Score of 1

How do I select an inflation destination?

How does one set an inflation destination to receive inflation Lumens?

inflation wallets xlm  
asked by manjuu5 Score of 10
answered by manjuu5 Score of 13

How do you fund an account on the testnet?

For testing purposes, how do you fund an account with the minimum required balance on the testnet?

accounts testnet  
asked by Leon Smith Score of 10
answered by alpe1 Score of 11

Unable to upgrade legacy account with

I am trying to upgrade my legacy account using the method listed in the FAQ: To upgrade from the old network, log in here: ...

accounts operations wallets history upgrade  
asked by N3vik Score of 2

Sent transaction with incorrect memo. Now won't deliver

I sent a XLM transaction from blockchain to bitmart but input an incorrect memo when sending. This has caused the transaction to sit in limbo. How can I correct this error so that I can receive my xlm?...

asked by Jeremiah White Score of 1
answered by sui Score of 3

Why is SHA256 a signature type option for a multisig transaction?

In a multi signature transaction, we can define the Signer Type as SHA256 through the Set Options operation (

asked by Joao Junior Score of 6
answered by Bartek Nowotarski Score of 6

All files must be modules when the '--isolatedModules' flag is provided

Describe the problem This problem appears when I want to participate in development , I clone the project javascript stellar-sdk then run npm install What version are you on? 4.1.0 To Reproduce ...

asked by Masood Moghini Score of 2
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