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How can I validate a Stellar address?

I am currently only checking if the address is 56 chars long an if it is alphanumeric. Is there a checksum in an address to verify it. Are there any other rules ?

asked by Boris D. Teoharov 1 vote
answered by Paul 4 votes

Best way to test maximum possible TPS on private network?

I have setup a private network and want to do max possible TPS(Transactions per second). Hardware is not an issue, working with GCP and can use 160 core CPU and 4000GB RAM for my machine. A few ...

stellar-core horizon performance stress-test  
asked by Sohan 7 votes
answered by Orbit Lens 4 votes

How can I create a paper wallet for Lumens?

I've used paper wallets in the past for bitcoins, in order to keep them in cold storage. How can I create a paper wallet for Stellar Lumens?

lumens cold-storage paper-wallet wallets  
asked by sjstrutt 13 votes
answered by sjstrutt 11 votes

How to decode XDR of the result_xdr

So my code is: envelope = Te(tx=tx, opts={"network_id": "TESTNET"}) envelope.sign(receiving_account) xdr = envelope.xdr() response = horizon.submit(xdr) # TO DO: Have to check if done well ...

transactions trustline python-sdk  
asked by Volatil3 3 votes
answered by Francesco 4 votes

Multiple dex files define Lokio/AsyncTimeout$Watchdog;

After adding Stellar-SDK jar file and syncing Gradle, I did a clean and rebuild of my project and got this error. It seems that same class was used by another jar that has been added as dependency in ...

asked by Jamie 1 vote
answered by Jamie 2 votes

Scalability on Stellar network

The Stellar network actually can proceed +/-1000 tps. The consensus protocol runs through xy servers. If mass adoption of cryptocurreny happens will the scalability issue more or less automatically be ...

asked by boredagain 6 votes
answered by Orbit Lens 13 votes

Help - why can’t I synch stellar core?

I am using the latest packaged binaries for Ubuntu - and running Stellar core (not the quick start) - with a connection to a PostgreSQL database. Two questions - 1) How long does it typically take ...

asked by tylerc 6 votes
answered by Tom Llewellyn-Smith 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Timeout Refilling test account with Lumens

anyone experiencing random timeouts within the last 30 minutes to 1 hour when refilling Lumens or doing transaction on the test net ? This is happening even on freshly new created test accounts: data: ...

asked by John Munyi 1 vote
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