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Why is SHA256 a signature type option for a multisig transaction?

In a multi signature transaction, we can define the Signer Type as SHA256 through the Set Options operation (

asked by Joao Junior 6 votes
answered by Bartek Nowotarski 6 votes

How do I actually create an account?

I want to get an actual dev account to create a cryptocurrency of my own, but I'm not even sure how to even make an account here.

asked by Augrunga 4 votes
answered by aasatt 4 votes

What to do about the rate limit exceeded problem?

I keep getting the rate_limit_exceeded error when I try to process a transaction on the testnet. I looked at the guide on how to fix it but as someone relatively new to programming, I'm still unsure ...

horizon rate-limiting  
asked by Malcolm 4 votes
answered by Orbit Lens 5 votes

Unable to connect to horizon via JavaScript SDK

I am just getting started with Stellar. I run a node connected with test network with the following command. docker run --rm -it -p "8000:8000" -v "/home/prashant/stellar/steler-node:/opt/stellar" --...

nodes horizon  
asked by Prashant Prabhakar Singh 5 votes
answered by Prashant Prabhakar Singh 6 votes

Trusting non-native asset distribution

If two non-issuing accounts, x and y, want to share an asset, must they trust the asset issuing account, a? Or can a trust line be created between x, y and a distribution account, b? My (current) ...

accounts assets trustline  
asked by glowkeeper 6 votes
answered by nikhils 4 votes

Stargazer Wallet v. 1.5.3

My XLM are stored in Stargazer Wallet v. 1.5.3 which I cannot unlock. I can see my Lumens but can't remove them. Is this wallet still viable?

asked by Jennifer Phillips 1 vote

Can you burn custom tokens on the Stellar network?

I'm curious if the Stellar network has the ability to "burn" or "freeze" custom tokens created on the network. The two use cases would be: Token is assigned to an account and should be frozen and ...

asked by jaywon 5 votes
answered by Bartek Nowotarski 10 votes
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