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Top new questions this week:

Viewing trustlines for authorization required assets from an asset issuer perspective

From an asset holder perspective seeing which trustlines are approved or unapproved for authorization required assets is straightforward - we can see this with the is_authorized boolean on the account ...

horizon assets trustline  
asked by Owen 1 vote
answered by ire_and_curses 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much inflation to expect each week?

How much inflation should I expect (per vote) to receive each week, provided that I have enough votes? For the variables in the formula (number of lumens in existence, etc), where do I find the ...

lumens inflation  
asked by sjstrutt 8 votes
answered by Tyler van der Hoeven 7 votes

How can I validate a Stellar address?

I am currently only checking if the address is 56 chars long an if it is alphanumeric. Is there a checksum in an address to verify it. Are there any other rules ?

asked by Boris D. Teoharov 1 vote
answered by Paul 4 votes

How to set inflation for tokens?

I'd like to create a Stellar token and would like to use it as shares for a startup I'm working on so the whole idea is to reward early investors in the ICO with a fixed yearly dividend so inflation ...

inflation token ico  
asked by Kuyawa 14 votes
answered by Noam Hacker 13 votes

How is an asset verified?

I have created a Stellar asset by following the steps in Custom Assets. I can successfully trade the asset on even though it is not "verified". However, the asset does not even appear ...

assets exchanges verification  
asked by lumenano 5 votes
answered by istrau2 8 votes

How a new created token to be listed on Stellarterm directory?

We had done and followed the instructions from to create tokens on StellarTerm. We are able to search the new created token. However, ...

asked by john peng 2 votes
answered by Peter 2 votes

Is it possible to delete assets I've just created?

Is it possible to delete an asset from mainnet? I just created a duplicate asset and want to delete the old one.

asked by Richard Soutar 3 votes
answered by nikhils 5 votes

Stellar Horizon not synchronizing

Background: Using satoshipay/stellar-horizon:0.11.1 for Horizon Stellar Core seems to be running. Based on logs, we get the latest sequence number and ledger: 2018-04-18T10:31:32.695 GDYMW ...

stellar-core horizon validators  
asked by Ace Subido 4 votes
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