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Top new questions this week:

Horizon - Ingest historical trade history for pair

Is there a way to ingest data for trade_aggregations for asset pairs instead of needing to ingest all the ledgers into Horizon? I only really care about trade_aggregations on specific pairs and don't ...

horizon sdex  
asked by user83948 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to send my Lumens from Keybase to Coinbase

I'm trying to send my Lumens from my Keybase wallet to Coinbase but I'm not able to. I created a new account to send to, but it only asked for a name, then a private message and public memo. I put the ...

transactions exchanges lumens  
asked by No_code 6 votes
answered by Kevin Woblick 7 votes

Is Stellar Ledger immutable?

Typical mining guarantees that it is too difficult to recalculate block hashes, therefore, the ledger is practically immutable. How does Stellar ledger achieve immutability? If it does.

asked by Maxim Gaina 3 votes
answered by MikeFair 2 votes

Hardware/OS Requirements/Recommendations for running a Full Validator Node

What would be the recommended hardware specs for a dedicated Full Validator Node server? I read here (How big is the ledger?) that I can currently expect ~60GB disk space used by the core and ...

nodes validators  
asked by marcinx 6 votes
answered by nikhils 4 votes

Anchorusd trustworthy?

I recently decided to cash in my free lumens from last year on keybase So I looked into it and transferred my lumens to an anchorusd account using the anchorusd android app Keep in mind I have never ...

stellar-core xlm security lumens  
asked by Hunter Drum 1 vote
answered by Anthony B 0 votes

All files must be modules when the '--isolatedModules' flag is provided

Describe the problem This problem appears when I want to participate in development , I clone the project javascript stellar-sdk then run npm install What version are you on? 4.1.0 To Reproduce ...

asked by Masood Moghini 2 votes

Help - why can’t I synch stellar core?

I am using the latest packaged binaries for Ubuntu - and running Stellar core (not the quick start) - with a connection to a PostgreSQL database. Two questions - 1) How long does it typically take ...

asked by tylerc 6 votes
answered by Tom Llewellyn-Smith 5 votes

How a new created token to be listed on Stellarterm directory?

We had done and followed the instructions from to create tokens on StellarTerm. We are able to search the new created token. However, ...

asked by john peng 2 votes
answered by Peter 2 votes
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