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Top new questions this week:

Presign Buy order without knowing the right amount in advance

How it's possible to create a valid Manage Buy Offer in Transaction 5 of the crowdfunding example from the stellar smart contracts reference. The reference quotes: Manage Buy Offer: Holding ...

asked by d0x 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How are the Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) protocols different?

How are the Stellar Consensus Protocol and the XRP Ledger Consensus Process different, and what does it mean for users?

xlm xrp ripple protocol consensus  
asked by Saya 37 votes
answered by Andrei Savin 32 votes

What does it mean with "surge pricing in effect" at Stellar-Core?

As I tested my private network by flooding transaction (around 60TPS) via Horizon using JS-sdk, SCP errored. The only abnormalty that I observed was: [Herder WARNING] surge pricing in effect! 142 ...

stellar-core scp error  
asked by cesarm 3 votes
answered by Synesso 3 votes

Why did the project settle on XDR for external data serialisation?

In recent years new protocols for externalising data have become popular. Schemes like Protocol Buffers & Avro are in common use. Stellar uses XDR, a scheme from the 1980s which is (as far as I ...

asked by Synesso 17 votes
answered by MonsieurNicolas 18 votes

How multisignature in a transaction can be implemented?

Assume that the transaction which adds signer and weight operations are successful. The next transaction which needs to be signed by multiple parties is created and built (this will increase the ...

asked by jagstock 4 votes
answered by Paul 4 votes

For 'txBadSeq', when is tx_fee charged?

Test Plan: The testing transactions were all "Pay 0.0001XLM", and there is far enough XLM to send. 5000 channel accounts were set up to try to prevent bad seq, but unfortunately it still happens as ...

stellar-core stellar-laboratory sequence-number  
asked by cesarm 4 votes
answered by Orbit Lens 3 votes

How to create a token on the stellar network?

How does one go about creating tokens on the Stellar network?

xlm token  
asked by Saya 23 votes
answered by Bartek Nowotarski 16 votes

What to do about the rate limit exceeded problem?

I keep getting the rate_limit_exceeded error when I try to process a transaction on the testnet. I looked at the guide on how to fix it but as someone relatively new to programming, I'm still unsure ...

horizon rate-limiting  
asked by Malcolm 4 votes
answered by Orbit Lens 5 votes
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