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Authorization immutable (0x4) - Use case

I am trying to imagine a use case scenario where I would use Authorization immutable (0x4) flag. The documentation states: If this is set then none of the authorization flags can be set and the ...

accounts flags authorization  
user avatar asked by syntaxval Score of 5

Trusting non-native asset distribution

If two non-issuing accounts, x and y, want to share an asset, must they trust the asset issuing account, a? Or can a trust line be created between x, y and a distribution account, b? My (current) ...

accounts assets trustline  
user avatar asked by glowkeeper Score of 6
user avatar answered by nikhils Score of 4

What does error "tx_insufficient_balance" mean for Change Trust?

I have created an issuing account and a distributing account for a new token. I changed trust and sent a payment of 144,000 of this token from the issuing account to the distributing account. I ...

token trustline  
user avatar asked by javaandy Score of 4
user avatar answered by Synesso Score of 5

Scalability on Stellar network

The Stellar network actually can proceed +/-1000 tps. The consensus protocol runs through xy servers. If mass adoption of cryptocurreny happens will the scalability issue more or less automatically be ...

user avatar asked by boredagain Score of 7
user avatar answered by Orbit Lens Score of 13

Can you burn custom tokens on the Stellar network?

I'm curious if the Stellar network has the ability to "burn" or "freeze" custom tokens created on the network. The two use cases would be: Token is assigned to an account and should be frozen and ...

user avatar asked by jaywon Score of 5
user avatar answered by Bartek Nowotarski Score of 10

How to login to my Stellar Accout

I know my Stellar account was upgraded many many months ago, but I can't seem to figure out how to login to view my account. When I go to, I see 4 options for me to ...

user avatar asked by Noclaf Score of 2
user avatar answered by Colin Marshall Score of 1

How does the Stellar Consensus Protocol prevent Sybil attacks?

A Sybil attack is an attack where a single adversary controls multiple nodes on a network in order to influence voting to their advantage. It is unknown to the rest of the network that the nodes are ...

consensus scp sybil-attack  
user avatar asked by John Lyon Score of 13
user avatar answered by cesarm Score of 10
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