I've successfully gotten stellar-core itself to connect to my postgresql database using a Unix socket, like this: DATABASE="postgresql://dbname=stellarb user=stellarb host=/var/run/postgresql" Now, I want Horizon to connect over the socket as well, but horizon keeps saying that the database at /var/run/postgresql/horizon can't be found. Here is my connection string: --db-url postgresql://horizon@/var/run/postgresql/horizon

How would I modify this connection to point to the socket successfully? Does Horizon support connecting over Unix sockets? I'm performing a stress test and think connecting over sockets will speed up the response time of Horizon somewhat. Right now I'm connecting over localhost.

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Horizon is using github.com/lib/pq Golang package to connect to Postgres. This package is using a different connection string. From the docs:

host - The host to connect to. Values that start with / are for unix domain sockets. (default is localhost)

So for you, the connection string should look like:

user=horizon host=/var/run/postgresql/horizon

Please note that when using spaces in CLI command params you may need to enquote them like:

--db-url="user=horizon host=/var/run/postgresql/horizon"

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