I have a requirement of merging two different custom assets hold by same issuer, is this requirement possible? if yes please explain me how to achieve this.

  • I'm not sure I know what you are asking. Do you want to merge accounts? Hold two different assets in a single account? Merge two different assets into a new kind of asset?
    – Synesso
    Jun 6 '18 at 5:00

It's not possible, right out of the book.


Merge only works on an account without any trust lines, data entries, or offers.

You need to remove all of these before you merge.


Merge account is only allowed when you don't have any subentries on your account (i.e. trustlines, data entries, offers).

You can easily achieve what you want using a single transaction with the following sequence of operations (ordered):

  1. send all assets from the first account to the account you want it merged into
  2. remove trustline from the account you are merging from
  3. merge account operation

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