I am currently trying to get the memo and amount of a transaction, but am confused over the differences between a transaction, an operation, and a payment.

From my understanding, a transaction contains multiple operations, one of which is a payment.

However, when querying with horizon.stellar.org, which of the following should I be using to get both memo and amount?

server.transactions().forAccount(accountId).call()... server.operations().forAccount(accountId).call()... server.payments().forAccount(accountId).call()...

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The memo can be seen on the transaction. e.g.

    "memo_type": "text",
    "memo": "chp_290",

You can then decode the envelope_xdr value to drill down on the details of the operations within the transaction. Or you can make a subsequent call to the payments by transaction endpoint, where the asset and amount can be seen. e.g.

    "type": "payment",
    "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
    "asset_code": "TEST",
    "amount": "1000000.0000000"

The payment endpoint is an alias for a filtered operations call, where only create_account and payment operations are included.

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