I am currently only checking if the address is 56 chars long an if it is alphanumeric.

Is there a checksum in an address to verify it.

Are there any other rules ?

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Stellar uses Ed25519 public/private keys. So you can research that if you want some more details.

If you're using a library (like the JS SDK) it's as simple as calling:


If you want to see the details of how that's implemented, you can see here: https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-base/blob/master/src/strkey.js#L110

In short: There is a version byte, a payload/data, and a checksum.


The previous answer is correct, but just to be a little more precise about what is going on, Stellar private keys are computed as follows. First, a 35-byte value is computed as follow:

  • The fist byte is 'S' << 3.
  • The next 32 bytes are the Ed25519 private key seed
  • The last two bytes are a CRC16 checksum of the first 33 bytes.

Then the whole thing is encoded using RFC4648 base-32 encoding.


In a <form>, one can use a simple regexp to match the Secret Key value:

    <form onSubmit={onSubmit}>
      <label>Secret Key: </label>
    type='text' id='secretKey' required 
      <button type="submit"> Store</button>
  const onSubmit = event => {

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