I wanted to hold and trade 5 assets. It will cost me 2.5 XLM in the min-reserve to create these trustlines alone. If I am done with 2 assets and now want to only hold 3, I can delete 2 trustlines. Does my account get credited with 1 XLM?

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You do not pay XLM, you just "freeze" XLM. Once you delete a trustline, it is "unfrozen".

  • When a trustline is established, the account balance is not changed. You just can't spent (transfer/trade) those frozen 0.5 XLM. Read more on fees and minimum account balance here.
    – Orbit Lens
    Commented Jul 5, 2018 at 11:26

Trustlines, Offers, Signers, and Data Values are called subentries. Each subentry locks 0.5 XLM from your account for the min_reserve.

When you remove a subentry from your account, the corresponding XLM balance is unlocked and you can use it. This is described in more detail here, quoting:

Minimum Account Balance

All Stellar accounts must maintain a minimum balance of lumens. Any transaction that would reduce an account’s balance to less than the minimum will be rejected with an INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE error.

The minimum balance is calculated using the base reserve, which is 0.5 XLM:

(2 + # of entries) × base reserve

The minimum balance for a basic account is 2 × base reserve. Each additional entry costs the base reserve.

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