In Javascript SDK, transaction can be built, signed and then be converted to envelope xdr/string format. This is very useful for multi sig operations since we can retrieve the transaction object from the transaction envelope. https://stellar.github.io/js-stellar-sdk/Transaction.html

But I did not find the transaction creation from envelope function in Java SDK or C# SDK.

Any idea how to implement it ?

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In the C# SDK i believe there is not a method for parse an XDR into a transaction envelope thing yet, however i will be doing examples on the c# documentation and one of them is exactly that, so if there is not a method created i will try to code it.

Issue of the examples https://github.com/elucidsoft/dotnet-stellar-sdk/issues/60

Documentation examples https://elucidsoft.github.io/dotnet-stellar-sdk/examples/intro.html

Edit: It seems there is a issue for this https://github.com/elucidsoft/dotnet-stellar-sdk/issues/38

Edit2: This is going to make into the C# SDK soon.

Edit3: Added


  • Hi, we ported it from the Java SDK to the C# SDK recently!
    – Kirbyrawr
    Jul 27, 2018 at 19:43

Complete examples are not present for java SDK but they have given snippets ie your best place to find answers is java docs.

You can use this function Class CreateAccountOperation in stellar java sdk for account creation


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