In developing a hierarchical deterministic wallet, want to generate one random secret seed and declare it as the Master Secret Seed.

Then, add a sequential index (1, 2, 3,... n) to the Master Secret Seed to obtain a secret seed to generate key pairs for each one.

The maximum index number n will be less than a thousand.

Would this approach imply any security risk at all?

All secret seeds (including the Master Secret Seed) will be kept secret always. And the Master Secret Seed will NOT be used to create a keypair (no index 0 keypair)

My concern is that an attacker could log the public keys knowing that all come from sequential secret seeds.

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That's alright as long as your Master Secret Seed is truly random. Remember that thousand of seeds is still a drop in the ocean of all possible keys.

Even though seeds will be sequential - you won't be able to tell that looking at public addresses, and there is no way to restore number of public addresses back into secrets/seeds even if you have full sequence. The only risk here is that leak of 1 key leads to compromise of all of them.

Why aren't you using standard way of doing HW wallet? Like that one: https://www.npmjs.com/package/stellar-hd-wallet

You have 1 seed and all keypairs derived from it using index (0,1,...,n)

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