Anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

I ran the command npm install --save stellar-sdk and got this

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\OpenSSL-Win64\lib\libe
ay32.lib' [D:\Stellar\node_modules\ed25519\build\ed25519.vcxp

Any help/explanation is appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: IF anyone else encountered this issue, you can just ignore it and it wtill works fine.

  • Do you have OpenSSL installed? – Synesso Aug 10 '18 at 10:59
  • I was searching for an answer to this and tried. I downloaded 3 different Open SSL versions from here and put them in the path specified but they only have a libeay32.dll and not a libeay32.lib . I also tried just changing the .dll to a .lib but still got an error. – John Murphy Aug 10 '18 at 11:41
  • 2
    It's not a critical error, just ignore it. ed25519 package offers binaries for the fast ED25519 signing, but it's an optional dependency. Bundled crypto-js version works just fine. – Orbit Lens Aug 10 '18 at 12:26
  • I get that error too.. like what @OrbitLens said, you can ignore it and the sdk will work fine. – tracy Aug 11 '18 at 11:37

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