In an every user has their own Stellar account setup, I am trying to get federation server to work but keep failing. The mysql tables are

  1. CREATE TABLE accounts ( id int(11) DEFAULT NULL, first_name varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, last_name varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, friendly_id varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, public_key varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, username varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, domain varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;``

The federation.cfg file query is setup with: federation = "SELECT public_key as id FROM accounts WHERE friendly_id = ? AND domain = 'mdxfederation.space'"

My get request curl "https://mdxfederation.space:8002/federation?q=tunde_adebayo*mdxfederation.space&type=name"

it throws the same error ERRO[5796] lookup record: db get: get failed: Error 1054: Unknown column 'domain' in 'where clause' pid=2271

ps. There is no memo_type field in my .cfg file

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Just need to remember any changes to either the db or the cfg will require a restart of the federation server. I also turned off query caching in the db.

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