I'm considering contributing to https://github.com/stellar/go and have pulled the repo and am trying to install dependencies using dep ensure -v

Checking I see It looks like mercurial is a dependency for goautoneg see this issue so I installed mercurial on my mac brew install mercurial brew upgrade mercurial but the issue remains - any help is appreciated.

Log is here


This has been resolved, I'm unsure whether this was just a timing issue (where I needed to be more patient) or if I needed to install mercurial. Steps I used for resolution brew install mercurial brew update mercurial go get bitbucket.org/ww/goautoneg git config --global url."git@bitbucket.org:".insteadOf "https://bitbucket.org/" dep ensure -v After 10 minutes dep ensure completed succesfully.

Additional Information

I found the build documentation for Horizon here am reviewing this now, but it clearly mentions the mecurial dependency.


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