In Stellar Core 10.0.0, I keep seeing log entries like this:

I  2018-09-25T03:35:16.416 GBCS2 [Overlay INFO] New connected peer
I  2018-09-25T03:35:16.516 GBCS2 [Overlay INFO] successful handshake with [email protected]:11625
I  2018-09-25T03:35:16.665 GBCS2 [Overlay WARNING] Received error (ERR_LOAD): peer rejected
I  2018-09-25T03:35:16.665 GBCS2 [Overlay INFO] Dropping peer [email protected]:11625

But based on https://dashboard.stellar.org/, as far as I can tell, Tempo is up (a handshake occurs, after all). Anyone know why this might be happening?


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