I created a private network using only stellar-core, but I'm finding it increasing difficult to work with the network without SDK support. This can be all solved if I can use stellar-lab with my private network.

I see that I can interact with a custom network using the custom button on top right corner of stellar-lab, which requires a network-passphrase and a Horizon URL. I know my network-passphrase but have no idea how to setup my Horizon URL or what that even is. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Interaction with Stellar (-based) blockchain should be done via Horizon.

You need to deploy horizon server and set up it to your stellar-core node.

  1. Build it from repo https://github.com/stellar/horizon or use prebuilt binaries.
  2. Bind Horizon ports to External IP:port behind url with SSL certificate.
  3. In Stellar Laboratory you can add custom url: https://yourhorizon.com:port/ and use it as testnet/mainnet.

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