I want to be able to display the full list of payment operations performed to and from an account.

I can view all of the payments and other operations all the way back to the account creation on stellarchain.io here: http://testnet.stellarchain.io/address/GAYHC6KMQDKTT2OVB5OACUXSHNWQYTVQTLF3EZFKLL67TCG543NPJIR6

But when I try to use the sdk to get the transaction history like this:

    getPaymentHistory(account: string) {
    // using .order("desc") to start from most recent
    return fromPromise(this.server.operations().forAccount(account).order("desc").call())
        tap(res => console.log(res)),
        map(res => res['records'].filter(r => r['type'] == 'payment'))

It only returns the 10 most recent payment operations in the "records" array.

Why is this? And how can I get the full history to be returned so I can display it in an application.

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