I tried the Friendbot. It constantly returns an error opcode though.

  "type": "https://stellar.org/horizon-errors/https://stellar.org/horizon-errors/transaction_failed",
  "title": "Transaction Failed",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "The transaction failed when submitted to the stellar network. The `extras.result_codes` field on this response contains further details.  Descriptions of each code can be found at: https://www.stellar.org/developers/learn/concepts/list-of-operations.html",
  "extras": {
    "envelope_xdr": "AAAAABB90WssODNIgi6BHveqzxTRmIpvAFRyVNM+Hm2GVuCcAAAAZAAAALsAAFI5AAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAluD7gjuN+bQ6cXilY5j93mN8SWMtUJV3wIX7rrxo1PcAAAAXSHboAAAAAAAAAAABhlbgnAAAAEBe2jOzd0hxRDgmbxLygvCazKukvjQadvMW9j8fvffDKietkFw27j4u7V6qWifNuV/vBCgWAF0pHMkYr9sr0nAA",
    "result_codes": {
      "transaction": "tx_failed",
      "operations": [
    "result_xdr": "AAAAAAAAAGT/////AAAAAQAAAAAAAAAA/////gAAAAA="

It says op_underfunded. Is there some alternative to the Friendbot ?

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It happens occasionally that the friendbot account is depleted. Mentioning it in one of the official channels (keybase is a good one) will usually get it refilled quick smart. It probably should be automatic on the test network.

FYI, this is the current friendbot account status. It has been refilled at this time of writing and can fund another ~99,300 accounts.

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