On the getting-started page I see sdex listed as an out of the box exchange integration. Is that only used for buying/selling or is there a way to use sdex instead of Kraken to get token price info?

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Currently you can only place orders on SDEX, but you can fetch data from Kraken, Binance, Poloniex, and Bittrex.

It should be relatively very easy for you to create a new price feed that supports this.

Take a look at the implementation for fixedFeed, which is only a few lines.

Your implementation would fetch the orderbook for your configured SDEX market and use that data to come up with a centerPrice that is returned in the PriceFeed's GetPrice() method.

Once you have your new priceFeed implementation, you can add it to the list in the PriceFeed's MakePriceFeed() factory method.


All the current strategies only use the SDEX for buying and selling, and no function is yet present to actually pull the relevant SDEX orderbook.

I'm working on a new strategy that will use the SDEX orderbook data, no ETA yet.

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