How to know the total supply or the coins in circulation right now? Like in Ethereum we can check it with a predefined ERC20 function.

  • 1.Deploy your own Stellar Core node. 2.Query trustlines table of the underlying database directly to retrieve a list of your 3.asset holders and the amount they hold. 4.Split the list in batches, 100 accounts per batch. 5.For each batch create a transaction, add 100 payment operations (pay dividends to to every holder). 6.Submit the transaction to the network. 7.Rinse and repeat until you process all payments. Commented Nov 1, 2018 at 5:24

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There is a good explanation on how to query the total supply of an asset created by an entity on Stellar's DEX here.

Once you have the result from the trustline query, you would iterate over all the asset holders, with their balances, and sum the balance amounts.

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