following this link!.

When specifying a config file to use.

stellar-core --conf FILE default 'stellar-core.cfg'

I get

error : 2018-11-17T11:25:32.680 <startup> [default FATAL] 
Got an exception: No config file FILE found [main.cpp:943]
  • in ubntu i find it in . /etc /stellar-core/stellar-core.cfg – Prashant Gangwar Nov 19 '18 at 15:20

I think you're supposed to only provide the file path without the "FILE default".

Have you tried using the absolute path? If your stellar-core.cfg is in /somewhere/stellar-core.cfg try using the full path.

Just using the file name will force stellar-core to look in the directory where it was installed to and your file probably is not located there.


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