What would be three of the most used lines of code in the JavaScript SDK that could make my wallet perform small actions for me?

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The simplest one, show balances:

      .then(function(account) {
          account.balances.forEach(function(balance) {
              // show them

Next in line, show last payments:

          // show them

And finally, sending payments:

server.loadAccount(publicKey).then(function(sourceAccount) {
    var operation = StellarSdk.Operation.payment({
            destination: targetKey,
            asset: StellarSdk.Asset.native(),
            amount: ''+amount
    var transaction = new StellarSdk.TransactionBuilder(sourceAccount)

There are many more operations you could add to your wallet like setting inflation destination, buy/sell assets in the distributed exchange, etc but these are the basic operations every wallet should have for starters.

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