I'm trying to set up a transaction listening stream. I have taken the Java snippet directly from the docs. Below is the part that is giving me an issue.

Server server = new Server("https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org");

PaymentsRequestBuilder paymentsRequest = server.payments().forAccount(account);

paymentsRequest.stream(new EventListener<OperationResponse>() {
    public void onEvent(OperationResponse payment) { ... }

I'm getting an error on the OperationResponse as the type parameter in the EventListener, specifically stating:

Type java.util.EventListener does not have type parameters

Also, the @Override is not overriding a method from its superclass and onEvent is never used.

I can't think what I am missing as this is taken straight from the docs and I know that the Stellar SDK is correctly setup in my app as I am already performing successful transactions.

FYI, this code snippet is sitting within the following method:

public void StellarTransactionListner(){

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Please check your import statements. You may have the wrong EventListener in scope. The SDK's EventListener is type parameterised and declares the method void onEvent(T object).

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    Simple but effective! Thank you. It turns out I had import java.util.* as an import statement, which was 'blocking' the import prompt on the EventListener . Commented Dec 13, 2018 at 9:10

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