We run a continuous payments stream that receives fairly useless errors on the regular and would like to know what these may stem from and if they can be disregarded. I haven't been able to correlate these errors with error logs on our Horizon server. Below is the error being logged in node.js via the onerror callback:

Event { type: 'error', message: undefined }

Below is the source code that is triggering this error event:

            onerror: (error) => {
                if (error.messaged !== undefined) {
            onmessage: (payment) => {
                if (payment.type_i !== 1) {

                // ... code to handle payment ...

Just to reiterate my question(s):

  • Why are we getting these errors from the stream?
  • Are these errors something we should be worried about?
  • How do we stop receiving these errors?
  • did you try with transactions? do you get the same error?
    – dolcalmi
    Dec 13, 2018 at 3:14
  • Have observed the same on public and private Horizon instances (they behave exactly the same). All payments are found however and it looks like the errors can be safely ignored.
    – marcinx
    Dec 13, 2018 at 10:00

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If it's on your own Horizon server, it might just be that you haven't upgraded to the latest version.

Before a recent change was done, event streams were closed by the server once every 45(?) seconds or so, giving you an error.

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