Is there a straightforward way to ascertain from the horizon txn post response if the seqno has been incremented?

For example, an underfunded operation will cause the seq number to increment, but a bad_auth won't. Both responses are similar. They have no results meta field, and a result code of tx_failed.

This other question talks about why it happens and in which circumstances, but I am interested in how to determine whether it happened, without having to enumerate those different circumstances.

Looking at github.com/stellar/go/issues/430#issuecomment-385813801 it seems the answer might be to check for the presence of /extras/result_codes/operations. (edit: no). A more explicit field would be good.


It's currently not possible without enumerating through the list of reasons, and agreed that it might be valuable to file an issue that exposes this information from a Horizon response.

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