I'm using the Javascript SDK. My objective is to get the last 10 transactions for a given account (which is working), but just show specific fields (such as the amount of lumens, and perhaps the memo), on each row in the console (which I eventually want to show on an HTML page, but for now console output is ok while I get over this hurdle).

I have this function (based on one of the stellar.org examples):

function ShowTransactions(fromAccount) {
    // Shows a simple list of transactions for the given account
    .then(function (page) {
        console.log('Page 1: ');
        return page.next();
    .then(function (page) {
        console.log('Page 2: ');
    .catch(function (err) {

This outputs everything to the console, but I'm not sure how to just specify the specific fields I want to display. Is this something that is done by doing some properties of

console.log(page.records. ..(etc)

or do I need to do something different ?

Many thanks in anticipation

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page.records is an array, you can loop through it like this:

page.records.forEach( function(record) {
    console.log("txId: " + record.id);
    console.log("created: " + record.created_at);
    // console.log( record.whatever)

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