According to the Minimum Account Balance information, the account has to have

(2 + # of entries) * 0.5) XLM

deposited to support transactions.

Let's say there is an account with 0 trust lines and 1 data entry. It means that the account has to have min 1.5 xlm.

Is it possible to close that account and withdraw the deposit?

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Try Stellar Expert's "account demolisher":

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The account merge operation does that.

I don't know any wallet that supports it, but an easy way to do it without programming is stellar laboratory

  • If there are any other assets move them with regular payments first.
  • Go to stellar laboratory transaction builder
  • Enter the account you want to have removed as "Source account"
  • Click on "Fetch sequence number..."
  • Scroll to the bottom, select "Account Merge" as operation type
  • Enter the account you want the remaining XLM transfered to as "Destination"
  • Click on "Sign in transaction signer"
  • Enter your private key at "Add Signer" (or connect Ledger and "Sign with BIP")
  • "Submit to Post Transaction endpoint"
  • "Submit"
  • It seams that this doesn't work. When an account has a data, I'm getting the following error: accountMergeResult: [accountMergeHasSubEntry]. TX hash: bf6acd8bf0e9464ef1b5ca35fb7aafd5e9b34991c73c6348f50bd703d592eed9 (testnet) Commented Feb 23, 2019 at 9:39
  • 1
    This error code is also documented in the "merge account" spec: ACCOUNT_MERGE_HAS_SUB_ENTRIES. It seams that it's not possible to merge account if it has trust lines offers and data (the last part is not documented). Commented Feb 23, 2019 at 9:42

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