We have created our own custom token which is currently running on TestNet but will go on to production soon. I have a few questions:

  • Is an anchor specific for a token? Is it true that an anchor for X Token cannot validate transactions for a different token?

  • I see that there are many Stellar-based tokens on https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/. When a transaction of one such token is validated to be recorded on the stellar blockchain, the validation is done by anchors, correct?

  • To validate the transaction, how are the anchors rewarded?

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Nobody is rewarded for validating transactions. All transactions are equal, regardless of the assets involved. Anchors do not validate transactions. Validation is done by validating nodes. People decide to run a validating node if they obtain business advantages from doing so.

Anchors are entities (accounts) that bridge off-network value to tokens representing that value (assets). For example:


You can issue any asset you like. One of the goals of the network's SDEX is to enable payments with anything of value that has been tokenized.

Lumenauts has a good, short overview of assets and anchors.

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