Ugh. I have 900,000 USD on GCT62JTWDK2AZ4EUHWJKUBAXAHQANPNEKRB6JW555WR2J2EQVFIJYV3Q and stellar lab https://www.stellar.org/account-viewer/#!/dashboard only shows the XLM balance.

I tried to send USD to GCGSZ4RAZS7I7BVKKVRUBJNS5ZMXH5GZNBKA7P5BUD7Q3SZGOESROAEM which has trustline to USD and it will only allow sending of XLM.

stllar lab screen

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This isn't stellar lab. It is "account viewer" which ONLY works with XLM assets.

you can use Stellar Laboratory to construct a payment or StellarX.

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