I want to check if a simple API request if an account has received prior transactions. I know that one has to do a transaction to "initialize the account" but how do I check if it has received any other transactions. More specifically, I want to check that the account has not received any prior payments yet.

Checking the balances on an /accounts/:address API call (like such) is not really an option for me because the address could have received transactions but spent it later. If there a simple APi endpoint that has a transaction count or could I check all the prior transactions of an account in an easy way?

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You can use the /accounts/:address/transactions endpoint to get a list of all prior transactions. You could also get /accounts/:address/operations to get more details about the type of activity. That distinguishes create_account from payment, for instance, but since a single transaction may have many operations, there will be more data to retrieve.


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