I'm totally new in stellar network. I have experienced create transaction listener for bitcoin and ethereum by listen to every new transaction, if that transaction contain my address it send callback to the system. I have check stellar bridge, but from what I read it's only listen for one account. So what is the best way to listening new XLM transaction for multiple accounts ? I'm using nodejs SDK.

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The account is optional, if you don't specify it you'll get all. Note that a stellar transaction contains one or more operations, so you probably rather want to have a stream for any operation no matter what the transaction or there is even an endpoint for only payment operations. Example:

            // .forAccount( ... ) <= this is optional
            .stream( ... );
  • can you add multiple accounts to specifically listen to those multiple accounts or does it only allow 1 account in the field?
    – pantheon52
    May 30, 2020 at 19:20

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