From a study comparing smart contracts on Ethereum and Stellar, there's a point in the study about downloading all contracts:

Testing Smart Contracts: Ethereum vs. Stellar

The researchers from the National University of Singapore and UCL then decided to download all live smart contracts that actively existed on Ethereum’s platform at the moment of testing. There were nearly a million of active live smart contracts and as they started with their testing, they have discovered that more than 34000 smart contracts showed vulnerability with over 2000 smart contracts showing high-risk vulnerability, which meant that these contracts could be manipulated “easily” by a third party that would in majority of cases represent hackers who want to take advantage of unintended issues in ETH smart contracts.

For further testing, the team has gone on by choosing 3759 different smart contracts so they would be able to check the results again. And, the results were devastating as the team was able to find major vulnerabilities and flaws within only 10 seconds of testing for positivity.

(Emphasis mine.)

What is the operation that would list /all/ unique smart contracts active on stellar?

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Stellar smart contracts are basically transactions that succeed or fail based on various constraits (most simple example: a pre defined transaction that makes a payment only if published in a specific time frame). Unlike Ethereum they are not published/distributed on chain in advance, so there is no way to figure that out.

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