The use-case is I would like someone to buy an asset directly on a website, by clicking GUI-buttons and preferring client-side code, rather than asking them to write code or give a server their keys.

I saw these:

The first positions itself as explicitly a metamask equivalent, but is limited to XLM transfers.

What design patterns are used to create browser-based dApps with low friction to use like this in Stellar?

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Right now I believe SEP-7 is the best answer. It defines a link format that an app such as yours can use to create a transaction that you'd like a user's wallet to sign and submit. The flow is this:

  • User decides to buy something on your site
  • Your site generates a SEP-7 link with the appropriate payment transaction and shows it to the user
  • User clicks the link, which opens their wallet
  • User confirms in wallet that they want to sign & submit
  • wallet signs & submits transaction
  • wallet optionally calls back to your app, notifying that the transaction was submitted

Unfortunately, I don't know of any popular wallets that implement SEP-7. See this question.

https://id.stellar.expert/ is a demo wallet that implements SEP-7, so you can use it for testing while wallets are working on adding SEP-7 support, which should be coming soon.

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