In the recent core v10.3, there is a new base64 encoded column in the accounts table in the core db which replaces the signers table in earlier core versions. How can I decode this column to produce a backwards compatible array:

[{publicKey, weight}]

using the js sdk?

Thanks in advance

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var StellarBase = require('stellar-base');
var jsxdr = require('js-xdr');

let signers = new jsxdr.VarArray(StellarBase.xdr.Signer, 20)
  .fromXDR('AAAAAQAAAAC+GwdMJxaEbnW0z0RP6jJvTg+s8mjVw7+wPpJEbZAJdQAAAAo=', 'base64');

for (signer of signers) {

Please note that the column will be NULL when there are no signers added to the account.

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