https://horizon.stellar.org/ returns history_latest_ledger and core_latest_ledger.

Which field should be used to get the current block number? Which one is more reliable? Diffs?

I assume history_latest_ledger is the last ledger saved in horizon DB, isn't? Wouldn't it be better to use this field?

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There are two components involved in running a stellar backend. The one is stellar-core which manages peer to peer data propagation, the other one is stellar-horizon which gets and prepares that data from core for convenient access.

  • core_latest_ledger is the latest existing ledger that stellar-core is aware of (it's p2p, it might as well lag behind the network)
  • history_latest_ledger is the latest ledger that horizon has already ingested from stellar-core

So it's safe to say that:

real current ledger >= core_latest_ledger >= history_latest_ledger.

If you want to query more details then rely on history_latest_ledger, because that's the latest ledger you will get processed details for from horizon anyways.

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