As the title suggests. I am trying to send XLM from my Ledger Blue via https://www.stellar.org/account-viewer/#!/dashboard . I have done this numerous times in the past and not had an issue. My firmware and software are up to date on the ledger blue. I am using Chrome. I verified the memo and address I am sending it to and I get to the screen and it says "Check the transaction using your Ledger device.

Submitting transaction to the network..." with the picture of the rocket and I click submit on the Ledger blue and then nothing else happens?

I have also had the following error:

  type: "https://stellar.org/horizon-errors/transaction_failed",
  title: "Transaction Failed",
  status: 400,
    "The transaction failed when submitted to the stellar network. The `extras.result_codes` field on this response contains further details. Descriptions of each code can be found at: https://www.stellar.org/developers/learn/concepts/list-of-operations.html",
  extras: {
    result_codes: { transaction: "tx_bad_auth" },
    result_xdr: "AAAAAAAAAGT////6AAAAAA=="

I was told the error (when I get it 50/50) was a "signature issue". I floated this on Reddit and tried all of the suggestions there: Swapped out USB connector cable, complete recovery mode/reboot of Ledgerblue, reinstall firmware/software, empty cache on Chrome, tried using Opera. I am using a MAC with the latest OS.

Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide!

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    Do you see any errors in the console? Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 14:28
  • I also tried sending this to other addresses as well and it has not worked. Just in case that is a course of action someone would suggest. Thanks again for any help, I have been actively working this issue for 36hrs now. I emailed Ledgersupport yesterday but know they are busy as well. Thanks again.
    – Darryl
    Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 15:33
  • When I do get the error above, I have noticed that the first time I hit to confirm the transaction on my ledger blue, the screen blips, then I have to hit the confirm button again to submit the transaction. This then gives me the error page I have provided about signatures. I have been using the ledger to move btc and eth back with no issues so this leads me to believe it is a Stellar specific issue? I also have not heard back from LEdger support and it has been a few days now. Maybe that is normal? Thanks again for the assistance.
    – Darryl
    Commented Apr 25, 2019 at 5:04

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I'm getting the same problem trying to send XLM via the Ledger Blue. I'm also using Chrome on macos. I tried resetting the Ledger Blue using the recovery seed but same problem. It has latest firmware and apps are latest version.

I see the rocket picture and "submitting transaction to network..." but it just hangs there. I didn't get the error message you sometimes see, but the Ledger Blue does blip and ask you to confirm again about 50/50 of the time.

I just restored my seed to my Ledger Nano S to see if it's a Ledger Blue issue, but that has the same issue too.


It does look like you have a bad signature. You can inspect the transaction XDR that you submitted in the Stellar laboratory: your transaction shows a red cross next to the signature, indicating it is not correct (for comparison, here's an example of one with a valid signature).

Now why is the signature wrong? That's the question. Some possibilities: the hardware may have a corrupt/incorrect secret key. Or it's not being passed to the site correctly. Or there's a bug in the site. Or you need additional signers for the operation in question. One way to narrow this down would be by using a different wallet to submit.


Per the docs for possible errors

BAD_AUTH: Too few valid signatures / wrong network.

This might be an issue with the Ledger Blue, but I see a commit from January that purports to fix connection issues with hardware ledger devices.

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