I am trying to follow this tutorial in order to build a private stellar network.

And I am still trying to install stellar-core. When I run ./configure, this is the error I get:

./configure: line 17739: syntax error near unexpected token libsodium,'
./configure: line 17739: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(libsodium, libsodium >= 1.0.13, :, libsodium_INTERNAL=yes)'

Does anyone have any idea how to solve it? I made sure that I upgraded my gcc compiler to version 6 but I'm still struggling with the installation.

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    Full required toolchain is documented at github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/… - try if that already fixes it. (Btw: there are also debian packages or docker images available, you don't neccessarily need to compile it on your own)
    – sui
    Commented Apr 24, 2019 at 16:15

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I had the same problem while I'm attempting a build on OSX (10.13.6), having installed all the listed dependencies at https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/INSTALL.md#OSX.

I got the same error as previous post:

./configure: line 17696: syntax error near unexpected token 'libsodium,'
./configure: line 17696: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(libsodium, libsodium >= 1.0.13, :, libsodium_INTERNAL=yes)'

Commenting out the referenced line of the configure script causes it to get to here:

./configure: line 17728: syntax error near unexpected token 'libsodium,'
./configure: line 17728: '   PKG_CHECK_MODULES(libsodium, libsodium)'

Commenting out that line of the configure script causes it to get to here:

./configure: line 17772: syntax error near unexpected token 'xdrpp,'
./configure: line 17772: '   PKG_CHECK_MODULES(xdrpp, xdrpp)'

Then here:

./configure: line 17847: syntax error near unexpected token 'libmedida,'
./configure: line 17847: 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES(libmedida, libmedida)'


./configure: line 17876: syntax error near unexpected token 'libpq,'<br>
./configure: line 17876: 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES(libpq, libpq, have_postgres=1)'

Thinking this might be related to the suggestion on Github to get around configure errors by setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH='/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig', I tried that as well, but no luck.

In short, configure seems to complain about the syntax every time PKG_CHECK_MODULES is called. Having commented out all lines referred to above, ./configure completes successfully, as does make, make check, and make install, and stellar-core appears to be running properly.

This is less an "answer" than a workaround, but I thought it might be helpful to document these findings.

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