I am trying to validate the address that a client typed to withdrawal his XLM to. Issue is that using the federation sdk takes over 10 seconds and if the address was not found it can take up to a minute to get timeout. Is there a way to valid the address on my own before sending the transaction to the network? in the docs i saw that username can be any UTF-8 chars exclude the <>*, chars, but when i tried to make a regexp to this, well it did not work much since the expression got too long when i used the \p{L} and \p{M} etc.. if there is a better way to validate the address i would appreciate a solution. :)

  • Ten seconds sounds really way too much for a simple lookup. You should better find the root cause before optimizing your app with a pre-validation. How do you make the lookup (language, sdk, code snippet)? Is it your own federation server? Can you provide an example address? – sui Jun 8 '19 at 9:16

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