The Ledger "Stellar account viewer" (https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003797194) apparently one hooks up to just one Ledger account. But I want to have two XLM accounts via Ledger. Can I do that, and if so how?

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Simply uncheck Use default account and use a different derivation path on login. 44' stands for bip44 standard, 148' stands for stellar and the third number is the account number (0' is the default account). So simply use 44'/148'/1' for your second, 44'/148'/2' third ... account.

enter image description here

@see SEP-5 stellar hd key derivation

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    Be careful with that though, I'm not sure wallets support anything other than the default account. – Johan Stén Jun 12 at 1:26

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