I want to use the Stellar Blockchain to encode 32 bytes hashes, using https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/concepts/transactions.html#memo. Registering this data is my only objective, so I'd like to know what's the transaction type that would make more sense to use. I am trying it with Manage Data, using a Name but no value, so it doesn't have any real effect.

Is that a good idea?

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It smells like a dirty workaround but since a transaction is required to have at least one operation, there seems to be no other choice than adding a dummy operation.

ManageData with empty value will remove the data entry but also fail if the entry does not exist. Instead you could set a dummy value repeatedly.

I could as well think of these other possible operations:

  • Payment: to yourself
  • SetOptions: set any property to it's same current value

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