I don't understand what node is supposed to pick a nomination value and what value they take.

I am reading the thesis which is written about Formal verification for SCP right now.

Under my understanding, SCP has a nomination protocol and a ballot Protocol. In Nomination Protocol, one of their nodes pick a nomination value to externalize. I think this node has to be really reliable which is belong to many intersection of Quorum Slice but I am not sure. Also, I don't understand what value they are going to write in the block chain.

In ballot protocol, each node can agree or not for this value but that node should be belong to quorum slice and I think a quorum slice should have the same consensus. Therefore, what is going to be happen if the opinions are divided in a quorum slice?

Sorry, it is difficult to understand my question for my bad explaining.

  • Try splitting this into different questions that you’d like answered. This question right is way too broad in scope. – MonsieurNicolas Aug 28 at 4:22

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