I cloned the repository of docker image of bridge server from https://github.com/michailbrynard/stellar-bridge-docker/issues/new and followed the instruction, but when I executed first command i.e

docker-compose build bridge

I got the following output

Building bridge

Step 1/6 : FROM golang:latest ---> 9fe4cdc1f173

Step 2/6 : RUN go get github.com/constabulary/gb/... ---> Using cache ---> 474b5587e3ce

Step 3/6 : RUN mkdir -p /go/src/app ---> Using cache ---> b23167fd6c5d

Step 4/6 : WORKDIR /go/src/app ---> Using cache ---> a82a1e326ef1

Step 5/6 : COPY . /go/src/app ---> Using cache ---> 5e56ab67e89f

Step 6/6 : RUN gb build ---> Running in c4fa95e7cc10

FATAL: command "build" failed: failed to resolve import path "github.com/stellar/gateway/bridge": import "github.com/stellar/go-stellar-base/build": not found: stat /go/src/app/src/github.com/stellar/go-stellar-base/build: no such file or directory ERROR: Service 'bridge' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c gb build' returned a non-zero code: 1

I am unable to understand what went wrong. Can someone help me?

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