I have issues with horizon, when inside the docker container I run horizon db clear and I get the output

There are 18 migrations to apply in the "up" direction.


2019/06/20 10:44:26 A database migration is required to run this version (v0.18.0) of Horizon. Run "horizon db migrate up" to update your DB.```

but when I run `horizon db migrate up` I get 
```pq: password authentication failed for user "root"

What does this mean? What password would there be for running commands as the default user inside the container?

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Ran into this issue today. I was able to check what the DATABASE_URL value that cmd horizon db migrate up expected by looking at horizon.env within the stellar/quickstart docker container. I then ran the command export DATABASE_URL=postgres://stellar:mypass@localhost/horizon && horizon db migrate up and migration was successful. Seems the env vars in horizon.env do not work as intended if you have a custom password set.

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