Stellar newbie here, using the ZuluCrypto PHP SDK. I can successfully submit this transaction:

$transaction = Server::testNet()
    ->addCustomAssetPaymentOp($asset, $amount, xxx_Account_B_xxx)

(3 is the MEMO_TYPE for a 32 byte hash.) But then transaction record retrieved from horizon-testnet shows the memo as REVBRE1FQVRERUFETUVBVERFQURNRUFUREVBRE1FQVQ= (with the correct memo_type 3), and the Stellar Lab XDR viewer won't decode this as a "Memo" or anything else.

How do I set a memo and then retrieve that memo from the transaction record?

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The memo value returned by Horizon is base64 encoded. You can decode the value with base64_decode.

  • Where in the account->transactions is the memo? Commented Jul 24, 2022 at 17:56

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