While there is a great deal of documentation on installing the packages, however, I couldn't follow it properly to install the stellar-core, horizon and Postgres database in windows. There is not sufficient information for new players. Any idea of how to set up these three components in windows? Thanks.

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You could always try using docker. Ubuntu 18 is probably the best is to run stellar on. Controversial? Probably. I bet you could even run stellar on a virtual machine through windows. What is the specific issue? Alot of times windows has dependency issues with having to manually install packages.

  • Hi @sleyeborg, thanks. My main problem is that I still can't figure out how to install the Stellar-Core for example on Windows while it is connected to its functional Postgres database. I couldn't find the step by step guide for it that is why every time I stried, I get stuck somewhere. Sep 18, 2019 at 22:13

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