I was trying to setup stellar-core natively ( without docker) but couldn't find relevant docs on setting up databases, permissions ect.

Using docker, it's quite simple:

docker run --rm -it -p "8000:8000" -v "/home/prashanr/stellar:/opt/stellar" --name stellar stellar/quickstart --pubnet

Native test-net can be setup using stellar-quickstart. But this sets up testnet. The doc only mentiones:

Once installed you can easily modify either the stellar-core or stellar-horizon configs to suit your needs or to connect to the SDF Pubnet

But there is no proper documentation on how to setup dbs and what needs to be changed to use quickstart for pubnet. I found example public net config here. But I guess only supplying config won't do much. DB also needs to be re-initialized.

I tried:

sudo -u stellar stellar-core --conf stellar-core.cfg new-db

which gives error:

019-09-18T10:51:13.450 GBXLV [default FATAL] Got an exception: Unable to create bucket directory: buckets [CommandLine.cpp:1015]
2019-09-18T10:51:13.450 GBXLV [default FATAL] Please report this bug along with this log file if this was not expected [CommandLine.cpp:1016]

Is there any proper documentation, article available on setting up stellar-core natively?


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