After placing ManageOfferOperation, when we call /effects endpoint we are getting 0.0000 in sold_amount and bought_amount.

Is this an issue of Stellar Core?

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If the trade amount is less than a rounding error (in other words, traded amount is smaller than 0.0000001), DEX engine treats it as a "dust" trade and closes the offer returning all buying/selling liabilities back to the account balance. It results in trade effects with zero traded amount.

  • okay...noted.But in same /effects api there are four json object. First two json objects bought_amount is showing 0.0000000 and in rest two json objects bought_amount is showing more than the total amount. In my case total amount is 132 but in /effects api bought_amount is showing 2024.
    – Shan Gorai
    Sep 27, 2019 at 9:52

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