I had a XLM wallet since it named "STR" and since it was first appeared in the market. I tried to login into it today and I got this:

"The upgraded Stellar network is here! You have:

xxxx STR When you upgrade:

Your stellars will be called lumens. If you have 20 stellars, you'll have 20 lumens. Instead of a username and password, you'll get a public key and secret key to access your account. Please store your secret key privately. Stellar.org does not have a record of your secret key. Your lumens will be sent to the following account: Secret Key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Public Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please copy your secret key NOW! After clicking "Upgrade" button below you will no longer be able to see your secret key and we WILL NOT be able to recover it. Protect your secret key—anyone who has it can access your account. Read more about the upgrade.

Please type in your secret key to confirm:

And unfortunately I forgot the email linked to it and so I can not access it everytime i try to upgrade this wallet, So is there anyway to recover my XLM?

Thanks in advance

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