I need to sign a couple of tx/s to move lumens to another Stellarport account. How do I sign them? I am getting an error message every time I try to move them. Error Message:
Sign Your Transaction

In order to perform any operation (i.e. send a payment, create an offer etc.) on the stellar network, you need to sign with your account's secret key. Please choose a method of signing below:

I chose: Sign with your password. That is how I created the account. I don't have any directions on how to create using the other options. I wanted to move to Ledger S, but do not know how the process works. Keeping it simple for me...

When I try to move them, the process doesn't complete. There are a lot of lumens to be moved. It is a Stellarport address I attempted to send to. Doesn't the system know the difference? Will the account merge feature help me in this case? If not, how do I move them into my account? Actually, I have 2 accounts on Stellarport. Customer Service said I can always create a new account, so I have 2. But I do not understand how that can help without directions. I am not a developer. I really hope someone can help. Is there any way to move them without signing? I am not a developer but do know a little about coding. I saw that option on another page of the site. There is a way to get this done successfully.

Thank you!

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