Nov 05 05:56:11 ip-10-31-37-117 stellar-core[2512]: 2019-11-05T05:56:11.255 GDPUZ [Overlay ERROR] PeerManager::store error: Cannot execute query. ERROR:  could not serialize access due to concurrent update

Nov 05 05:59:40 ip-10-31-37-117 stellar-core[2626]: 2019-11-05T05:59:40.471 GDPUZ [Overlay INFO] Peer dropped us; reason: ERR_LOAD (peer rejected)

Stellar core has Error - "could not serialize access due to concurrent update"?

How to solve this problem?

  • Can you add more details on what this node is doing? Like, are you sharing this database with other processes (like Horizon, a different core node, etc)? – MonsieurNicolas Nov 16 '19 at 0:00

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