I am running a private stellar network and try to sync three nodes. From Node I am getting below message.

[Overlay DEBUG] Peer is not preferred

From Node3 getting below message [Overlay DEBUG] Peer is not preferred [Overlay DEBUG] Peer is not preferred.

I tried to solve these issue by putting below attribute one by one testing phase. In phase1, I have used CATCHUP_COMPLETE=false. In phase2, CATCHUP_COMPLETE=true,phase3 I have used CATCHUP_RECENT=1024 . But did not able to sync. Is there something I missed out.

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At least you could most likely fix that debug message by adding all your nodes to the other nodes configs:

PREFERRED_PEERS=["", "", ""]


PREFERRED_PEER_KEYS=["GA...Node1PubKey", "GA...Node2PubKey", "GA...Node3PubKey"]

CATCHUP_RECENT=1 should work if there are no connection issues. For CATCHUP_COMPLETE all your nodes need to be able to access (ideally all your other nodes) archvies => check your archive configs. Completely resetting your malfunctioning node (or better spawning a fourth node to prevent accidentally data loss) might be an option. Post your config if you still have issues.

  • In my case all there nodes are showing "Peer not preferred" , so is there any way to identify the malfunctioning node and config file archive.
    – Shan Gorai
    Nov 19, 2019 at 14:39

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