From an asset holder perspective seeing which trustlines are approved or unapproved for authorization required assets is straightforward - we can see this with the is_authorized boolean on the account balances which is very useful.

My question is: Can we do this from an asset issuer perspective? Ideally I would like to get a list of accounts that are authorized to hold your asset and also a list of accounts that have "applied" for a trustline to hold your asset via Horizon.

We can of course stream the incoming trustlines but I am looking for a way to handle any missed trustlines that doesn't require human intervention.


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Good timing! In the upcoming Horizon release (0.23) we added trustlines filtering. From the doc:

This endpoint allows filtering accounts who have a given signer or have a trustline to an asset. The result is a list of accounts.

To find all accounts who are trustees to an asset, pass the query parameter asset using the canonical representation for an issued assets which is Code:IssuerAccountID. Read more about canonical representation of assets in SEP-0011.

Note: This endpoint is still experimental and available only if Horizon is running the new ingestion system.

  • That's great news. I haven't tried out the new ingestion system yet so I'll give it a whirl on our test network. Will this endpoint also return accounts that have not yet had the allow trust operation submitted to the network? The doc is missing the "is_authorized" field from the balances but I presume I would get a list of trustees and could then iterate over the list checking that bool?
    – Owen
    Nov 15, 2019 at 2:02
  • I think we could potentially support both. Feature request raised here: github.com/stellar/go/issues/1938 Nov 15, 2019 at 18:51

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