I'm using stellar-core last stable release & stellar/go last stable applications.

Stellar Core : v12.2.0rc1

Horizon : https://github.com/stellar/go

OS : Ubuntu 16.04

I installed stellar-core with postgresql, stellar/go horizon service. Services are running successfully. Money transfer is possible. But when i try to get account transactions or any transaction data horizon returns me


curl -X GET http://localhost:8000/accounts/GDCHPWRY3LPX6RJSPS3RKIGDGPXAUAGHWKL3BJP7OLFKW3KZNO4I3TZK/transactions?limit=10


curl -X GET http://localhost:8000/transactions/f64e87738d0353a7266b4e260f6cb672134eea55f8c52aa6eb36a6d85df41a42


  "title":"Resource Missing",
  "detail":"The resource at the url requested was not found.  This usually occurs for one of two reasons:  The url requested is not valid, or no data in our database could be found with the parameters provided."

Deposit Transaction Data in Explorer : https://stellarchain.io/tx/f64e87738d0353a7266b4e260f6cb672134eea55f8c52aa6eb36a6d85df41a42 (Our Transaction)

Withdraw Transaction Data in Explorer : https://stellarchain.io/tx/4f68edc1ce077b1815230d2ac7774f9ff3c2c8057acaec61602f45936481baf2

I can create transaction but i can't get transaction data or account data & payments & transactions

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